Activists Want Newly Approved Pesticide Banned

By: Helene Goupil - Thu, 02 Jun 2011 15:23:00 -0800

FRESNO (KRON) – Community and environmental activists are asking state regulators to ban a pesticide that was recently approved.

Protesters got together Thursday in front of the Fresno County agricultural commissioner's office to demand that methyl iodide be banned. The pesticide is used to kill weeds, plant diseases and bugs before planting.

Some scientists say the pesticide can cause cancer and environmental groups have a filed a lawsuit to stop use of the pesticide. However, regulators say that as long we use precautions it is safe.

Methyl iodide was approved in Fresno County last month. Approximately 1.3 acres of a future pepper field were sprayed with the pesticide in mid-May.

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